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Plan for Day One - Day after the Election

Wednesday, Novemeber 7, 2018

I plan to attend the Denver City Council meeting of the Safety, Housing, Education and Homeless Committee. There is to be a bill introduced about establishing a  Supervised User Site somewhere in Denver proper. A Supervised User Site is a building where drug addicts can go to inject or use illegal drugs under the supervision of medical professionals.  There is no shelter like this in the US. They have done this in Canada and Spain in as well as in 30 other sites in countries outside the United States. Some confuse the sites for injections in Seattle and Philadelphia with this pilot program.

I am interested in this bill as in order for Denver to build and operate this pilot program, they must have some buy in from the Colorado State Legislation.  

Last year there was a bill introduce and then lost.  SB18-040

Concerning measures to address the opioid crisis in Colorado, and, in connection therewith, providing immunity for individuals who provide clean syringes through a clean syringe exchange program, creating a supervised injection facility pilot program,...

Chris Kennedy played a role in bringing forth this bill.

I believe that if he is reelected that he will help change the laws of Colorado to make the Denver City Council's Bill legal. I am against such a facility. Here is an article from NPR that shows how there are many differing opinions on this controversial subject   



Some people think that this a local jurisdiction problem and should be left up to Denver to decide. 


I believe that Denver is not an island and that there will be unintentionally consequences. I want to represent Lakewood for the good of Colorado 

The citizens of Lakewood have a clear choice. 

An incumbent that is far left and believes that there should be supervised use sites, single-payer health care and government overreach.

Or a Coloradoan that wants resonable and fair solutions with as little governmental interference as possible. 

I promise that the day after the election , win or lose, I will be in the room lending a voice to this important conversation.

first 100 days

After I am elected to be the State Representive for HD23

I will bring forward 3 bills based on the issues that I have heard expressed by the voters that I have met the past 6 months

Outlawing Sanctuary Cities in Colorado

On April 10, 2017, the same day that Neil Gorsuch was sworn in, I testified in commitee at the Capital against a bill to make Colorado a Sanctuary State. I do not believe in different levels of protection for the individuals living here in Colorado

Requiring ID to Vote

When I ran for Clerk and Recorder in Denver County, I saw many election glitches that could be easily cleared up by requiring ID to vote

Transparancy in Healthcare and Insurance Billing

There was a push to pass ammendment 124 that called for more transparancy in hospital and pharmacutical billing. This ammendment was defeated with help from my opponent. This is an issue that I will pursue.

I promise to work cooperatively with the other members of the House

I believe in civility and the ability to agree to disagree.

I stand by my word

I will always represent my voters with honesty, integrity and commitment.

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Visiting Cory Gardener's DC Office

On 3/14/18, I was able to meet with Cory's staff to discuss the issues of concern within HD23.


In Summer of 2013, I visited the JFK museum at Dealey Plaza. And in the dark of the exhibit showing this speech I realized I wanted to serve our country. I have been greatly encouraged by my husband Paul.

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I believe in the Citizen Government and will serve you the People of Jefferson County in the most transparent and honest means possible.

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